The Art of Bloom

If you happen to be in Long Beach, try and stop at The Art of Bloom pop up museum! (It leaves September 29th). I found the concept of the exhibit last to be quite intriguing, as an app needs to be downloaded for part of the “museum”.

There were two exhibits, if you will, and they both incorporated some sort of meditative property (as advertised).

The first exhibit made paper flower petals fall from the ceiling, making it a perfect place for anyone looking to take “Instagram perfect photos”. The dim lighting and peaceful music made it relaxing.

The second exhibit was where the app came into play. The exhibit seemed barren, but when held up to the app, it completely changed.

Overall, the exhibit didn’t really meet my expectations of what it would be, but I will say it’s worth checking out just to experience the app and how technology is incorporated into art.

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