Sawdust Art Festival 2018

Last Sunday, my family and I drove down to Laguna Beach to attend the Sawdust Art Festival’s 28th Annual Winter Fantasy. There were so many booths set up, all with different media. The variety included jewelry, photography, clothing, ceramics, woodworks, painting, and sculpture. Being a winter theme, there were multiple Christmas trees and nutcrackers around. It even “snowed”! Admission was not 75 cents as it … Continue reading Sawdust Art Festival 2018

On this world vegetarian day…

Today is world vegetarian day, and I was reminiscing about a cute restaurant I found in Key West… The Café! The options were endless and the food was delicious! We went there multiple times during our trip, so by the third day, the waitress recognized us! My favorite meals would have to be the “Un-Wing Dings” – a take on BBQ wings- and a mushroom quiche. … Continue reading On this world vegetarian day…

The Cavalier – A Timeless Destination

Seawater baths, swimming pool, access to a doctor and photographer, boutiques and ice cream shops on the lower level – what more could you need! That was all the rage when The Cavalier first opened. The Cavalier is a famous landmark hotel in Virginia Beach. Construction of the hotel started in 1926 and continued on for 13 months. The Cavalier got its name as the … Continue reading The Cavalier – A Timeless Destination

You have to feel it to believe it!

  The Lenard effect is where negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other places where water splashes. Niagara Falls produces negative ions, which give you a positive feeling. Negative ions are found where water flows, for example when it rains, when you go to the beach or even when you shower!  Negative ions are known to improve your mood, relieve … Continue reading You have to feel it to believe it!