Portland, OR

Oregon is known for its greenery and natural wonders. I started off my trip at the Japanese Garden in Portland. The area was so peaceful. My favorite part of the garden was the koi pond.

Next on my list were the waterfalls! I drove along the Mt. Hood Loop, stopping to see the falls. Multonomah Falls was the tallest and also had some area to hike. I walked up to the bridge, but left my hiking adventure at that.

Continuing on the loop, I stopped at the Bonneville Dam and fish hatchery.

The dam was huge, and the hatchery was home to Herman, one of the oldest sturgeon fish!

I also went to Lake Trillium. This lake is close to Mt. Hood, and offers a great view. There were paddle boarders in the lake and snow on the mountain – it was a beautiful sight.

Overall my Portland trip was jam packed, but an awesome adventure!

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