Gracias Madre… for Vegan Mexican Food

Good vegan Mexican food is always a treat, and I just found another restaurant to add to my list! The options seemed so promising and flavorful that I couldn’t help but smile as I sat down at a cute booth overlooking the patio. The decor gave a rustic, natural vibe to the restaurant, aligning with their mission to create traditional Mexican food using local organic … Continue reading Gracias Madre… for Vegan Mexican Food

La Chicana Vegana – A Vegetarian’s Dream

Mexican food is so flavorful  yet I feel the menus are limiting for vegetarians, that is of course, until I discovered La Chicana Vegana!  My family and I ordered from La Chicana Vegana (previously a food truck) in Downtown Fullerton today, and absolutely loved it!  The vegan menu broadens the options for vegetarians compared to traditional Mexican restaurants or food trucks. Although the selection is … Continue reading La Chicana Vegana – A Vegetarian’s Dream

Red Robin – Yummm

Looking for a burger? I was surprised to learn that Red Robin has great options, even for VEGETARIANS . They have a blackbean patty and Impossible patty which can be subbed in any burger which make the options endless!        The “French Onion Ringer” burger with a blackbean patty comes with three onion rings on top, and is very visually impressive. The  patty can be … Continue reading Red Robin – Yummm