The Last Bookstore

Twisting and turning through the maze of a bookstore, it was difficult not to gaze in awe. Art crafted from books hung throughout, but the thousands of books were art themselves.  Located in Downtown LA, The Last Bookstore is the largest new and used bookstore in California. The building measures 22,000 square feet and makes the perfect destination for book lovers.  I wasn’t looking for … Continue reading The Last Bookstore

From Old to New — Palm Springs Wind Farm Tour

Over 4,000 windmills reside in the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass between The San Bernardino Mountains and the Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs. The mountain peak is over 10,000 feet in elevation and creates a wind funnel which creates constant wind – it’s the perfect place to have windmills. These massive structures provide electricity for Palm Springs, as well as the Coachella Valley.  On road trips, … Continue reading From Old to New — Palm Springs Wind Farm Tour

The Aquarium of the Pacific

  The Aquarium of the Pacific, or The Long Beach Aquarium, has been one of my favorite destinations since I was little.  The entrance featured scuba divers feeding the fish in the Tropical Reef exhibit. I’m impressed with the range of animals presented here.  My favorite exhibit is the Spider Crabs. They are freighting, but also very interesting creatures.   I love watching the different … Continue reading The Aquarium of the Pacific

Sawdust Art Festival 2018

Last Sunday, my family and I drove down to Laguna Beach to attend the Sawdust Art Festival’s 28th Annual Winter Fantasy. There were so many booths set up, all with different media. The variety included jewelry, photography, clothing, ceramics, woodworks, painting, and sculpture. Being a winter theme, there were multiple Christmas trees and nutcrackers around. It even “snowed”! Admission was not 75 cents as it … Continue reading Sawdust Art Festival 2018

The Cavalier – A Timeless Destination

Seawater baths, swimming pool, access to a doctor and photographer, boutiques and ice cream shops on the lower level – what more could you need! That was all the rage when The Cavalier first opened. The Cavalier is a famous landmark hotel in Virginia Beach. Construction of the hotel started in 1926 and continued on for 13 months. The Cavalier got its name as the … Continue reading The Cavalier – A Timeless Destination

You have to feel it to believe it!

  The Lenard effect is where negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other places where water splashes. Niagara Falls produces negative ions, which give you a positive feeling. Negative ions are found where water flows, for example when it rains, when you go to the beach or even when you shower!  Negative ions are known to improve your mood, relieve … Continue reading You have to feel it to believe it!