Gracias Madre… for Vegan Mexican Food

Good vegan Mexican food is always a treat, and I just found another restaurant to add to my list! The options seemed so promising and flavorful that I couldn’t help but smile as I sat down at a cute booth overlooking the patio. The decor gave a rustic, natural vibe to the restaurant, aligning with their mission to create traditional Mexican food using local organic … Continue reading Gracias Madre… for Vegan Mexican Food

There’s a LOT to Love at Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

Located in Tustin, California, Ike’s Love and Sandwiches has a section of their menu dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options.  Their décor is cute and simple, like any other sandwich place, and it is busy. Online orders as well as in-person take out orders are always being placed, so you know the food is good.  I ordered the Pee Wee as a vegetarian sandwich, which … Continue reading There’s a LOT to Love at Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

La Chicana Vegana – A Vegetarian’s Dream

Mexican food is so flavorful  yet I feel the menus are limiting for vegetarians, that is of course, until I discovered La Chicana Vegana!  My family and I ordered from La Chicana Vegana (previously a food truck) in Downtown Fullerton today, and absolutely loved it!  The vegan menu broadens the options for vegetarians compared to traditional Mexican restaurants or food trucks. Although the selection is … Continue reading La Chicana Vegana – A Vegetarian’s Dream

Red Robin – Yummm

Looking for a burger? I was surprised to learn that Red Robin has great options, even for VEGETARIANS . They have a blackbean patty and Impossible patty which can be subbed in any burger which make the options endless!        The “French Onion Ringer” burger with a blackbean patty comes with three onion rings on top, and is very visually impressive. The  patty can be … Continue reading Red Robin – Yummm

On this world vegetarian day…

Today is world vegetarian day, and I was reminiscing about a cute restaurant I found in Key West… The Café! The options were endless and the food was delicious! We went there multiple times during our trip, so by the third day, the waitress recognized us! My favorite meals would have to be the “Un-Wing Dings” – a take on BBQ wings- and a mushroom quiche. … Continue reading On this world vegetarian day…

Vegetarian Food – A Quest to Find the Best!

As a vegetarian, sometimes your options can be limited… Who knew that The Yard House had an AWESOME vegetarian selection on their menu!?  The choices are endless! Definitely try the Korean Gardein wings! They were the best “wings” I’ve ever had! Being a vegetarian is like being on a quest to find the best food, and let me tell you… I just did. Continue reading Vegetarian Food – A Quest to Find the Best!