Gracias Madre… for Vegan Mexican Food

Good vegan Mexican food is always a treat, and I just found another restaurant to add to my list!

The options seemed so promising and flavorful that I couldn’t help but smile as I sat down at a cute booth overlooking the patio. The decor gave a rustic, natural vibe to the restaurant, aligning with their mission to create traditional Mexican food using local organic ingredients, as well as to honor Mother Earth.

Gracias Madre has two locations – one in West Hollywood, and another in Newport Beach. I visited the Newport Beach restaurant.

Choosing an item from the menu was a difficult choice, as everything sounded good. While deciding, I ordered the seasonal watermelon agua fresca, adding the perfect hint of sweetness for my entree. I ordered the taco flight with the Mango Broccoli, Mole-Mole, and Al Pastor tacos, allowing me to sample my way through the taco portion of the menu. My brother ordered the Madre Burger.

I appreciated the different textures of the tacos, as all the vegetables and plant based proteins were cooked differently. The broccoli in the Mango Broccoli taco was crunchy while the Al Pastor oyster mushrooms were soft. This allowed each taco to shine in their own way. The flavors also differed as I moved from one taco to the next – the Mango Broccoli being sweeter than the other two, while the Mole-Mole being more salty.

As someone who enjoys variety within a meal itself, this was definitely memorable! I look forward to visiting again and trying something new.

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