The Last Bookstore

Twisting and turning through the maze of a bookstore, it was difficult not to gaze in awe. Art crafted from books hung throughout, but the thousands of books were art themselves. 

Located in Downtown LA, The Last Bookstore is the largest new and used bookstore in California. The building measures 22,000 square feet and makes the perfect destination for book lovers. 

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather roamed throughout the different sections and the five art galleries on the second floor. 

I started my experience in the Annex, where you can find all the fancy books sealed in plastic with signs that say something along the lines of “If you open the packaging, you pay”. The Annex features books ranging from architecture to photography, both of which aren’t topics I usually read about but the covers were interesting to look at. 

The Annex

The bookstore, which is located in a 100 year old bank, features a room full of encyclopedias and tax reports in its bank vault. It’s a cute small, dimly lit nook to check out while there. 

Book Vault

The first floor shelves carried fiction, poetry, YA novels, along with a comic book section. 

I walked through and found my way to the decorative book section, where I spent time looking at the various covers and figuring out which would match my bedroom decor. The decision was too hard to make, so I ended up moving on. 

The second story featured genres such as science fiction, comic books, philosophy, mystery, horror, religion, and the book tunnel (the perfect spot for a picture). 

The art studio had large paintings, but also small goodies. I walked through pretty quickly, but they did have cute items for sale and added to the overall vibe of the bookstore. 

After checking out the studios, I headed downstairs and ended up by the records. The collection was huge and made me long for a record player myself. 

Classical Records

Once I walked through the records, I made it through the maze and checked out. I decided to buy comic books for my brother.

I highly recommend making your way through the entire store, picking up books that peak your interest. They’re extensive collection of books is hard to compare to any Barnes and Nobles.

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