Grand Canyon Adventure

Imagine being in a helicopter, flying around, and then landing inside the Grand Canyon! That is what I did when I visited the natual feat.

If you are planning a trip to Nevada, I definitely recommend taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. When deciding whether or not to see the canyon, I wondered why anyone would want to see a big hole in the ground. Landing inside of the canyon made me appreciate the area even more than I would have if I stood above it.

The fact that water corroded the rock to become the canyon we see today amazes me. It’s unbelievable that the Colorado River’s water level was so high! The river is at its lowest now, being that the population and need for fresh water has increased drastically.

The helicopter tour that I took also included a raft ride (not white water, just casual river rafting). I saw the Hoover Dam from the river level, and we rode through Black Canyon. Although very hot, it was nice to learn about the surrounding canyons and see native sheep and birds.

Both the helicopter and raft ride provided me with an unusual twist to my Grand Canyon visit along with a greater understanding of the area and the wild life that lives there.

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