La Chicana Vegana – A Vegetarian’s Dream

Mexican food is so flavorful  yet I feel the menus are limiting for vegetarians, that is of course, until I discovered La Chicana Vegana

My family and I ordered from La Chicana Vegana (previously a food truck) in Downtown Fullerton today, and absolutely loved it! 

The vegan menu broadens the options for vegetarians compared to traditional Mexican restaurants or food trucks. Although the selection is mostly Mexican food, La Chicana Vegana serves other dishes as well. 

We wanted to try a variety of items off of their menu, so we ordered the “Asada”, “Al Pastor”, and “Carnitas” tacos, Signature Fries (with “Al Pastor”), and the “Cali Dreaming Burger. 

I particularly enjoyed the “Asada”  and “Al Pastor” Tacos and the Signature Fries. The flavor exploded in my mouth and I could not believe the sour cream and cheese on the fries were cashew based! I’m not used to eating vegan substitutes, but this restaurant did a great job of using these ingredients. I should have ordered more fries.

The Carnitas taco used jack fruit as the protein. Where the texture of the jack fruit fell short, the flavor shined. The Cali Dreaming Burger was huge and had all the traditional burger toppings (American cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, Bac’n, guacamole, thousand island). It was not as flavor packed as I thought it was going to be. I personally did not like the taste of Bac’n either; the flavor and texture drew away from the other flavors in the burger. 

Overall, I loved the Mexican flavors and I was in food heaven. I will definitely be ordering from La Chicana Vegana again! 

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