Hiking My Way Out of Ennui

Throughout quarantine I have kept myself busy by going on walks and hikes around my home, but over the weekend my family and I decided to get out and hike a trail at Peters Canyon. The outing reminded me of Virginia Beach, as my family would spontaneously hike at First Landing State Park, but the overall scenery was completely different. 

The hike was quite easy, other than the extreme up and down hills that we had to persist through. With the intense sun beating over us, we managed to get to the top and admire the hilltop view around us. Hiking with a mask on is quite restraining, especially while climbing a steep incline. It is definitely something that takes getting used to. 

The trails at Peters Canyon were not densely populated, but there were enough people on the trails to wear a mask and take precautionary measures. What shocked me was the number of people who were not wearing a mask. There were families, including young children, who chose not to use a face covering despite everything that is taking place.

Other than that, no rattle snakes were seen, and we definitely did not come in contact with mountain lions, despite the many signs continuously reminding us that we are in their territory.  

I’m glad that I was able to get out of the ennui of life during COVID-19 and hike a different trail.   

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