How I Long for Poppy Field Adventures…

Lately I have been reminiscing about what I was doing this time last year.  The adventures that I was going on don’t compare to the static life I’m living now. 

Last year, I was frolicking through the brightly colored poppy fields in Lake Elsinore. The area was saturated with bright orange flowers, contrasting from the green mountain they grew on, making it such a scenic view. 

A short hike was required in order to get to the poppies, but it was worth it because the color on the mountain was unbelievable. It was crazy to see how the plain mountains were all of the sudden completely covered in orange. 

The area was overflowing with people. It was a perfect destination to take pictures as the beautiful flowers made a colorful backdrop. People were coming from all over to see these flowers, and to model in them. 

I took pictures of the scenery. Unlike the models who had set up an elaborate area for themselves in the flowers, I took casual photos of myself. It was a bit chilly during this time, so it was somewhat comical to see them dress up, forgetting about the temperature. 

There wasn’t that much to do in the area other than to see the poppies, but it was worth a trip. Once the stay at home order is lifted and things return to normal, the California Poppy Fields should be on the top of your destination list. 

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