Red Robin – Yummm

Looking for a burger? I was surprised to learn that Red Robin has great options, even for VEGETARIANS . They have a blackbean patty and Impossible patty which can be subbed in any burger which make the options endless!       

The “French Onion Ringer” burger with a blackbean patty comes with three onion rings on top, and is very visually impressive.

The  patty can be found anywhere – as it included generic ingredients such as black beans, corn, bell pepper, etc – but the onion rings on top, and onion straws inside were something new. If you love onion rings, definitely try this burger.

I personally prefer the Impossible patty to the black bean patty and would have enjoyed it more with that option.   Overally, I will add Red Robin to my list of restaurants with a great selection of vegetarian options.

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