You have to feel it to believe it!


looking at the falls

The Lenard effect is where negatively charged electricity is generated when water droplets collide with each other places where water splashes.

Niagara Falls produces negative ions, which give you a positive feeling. Negative ions are found where water flows, for example when it rains, when you go to the beach or even when you shower!  Negative ions are known to improve your mood, relieve stress, and enhance your immune system.

Niagara Falls is 183 feet tall, and 830 feet wide.  I recommend bringing a pair of walking shoes to walk the length of the falls – not only to feel the negative ions, but to take beautiful pictures!niagara falls

The top places to feel negative ions:

  • Niagara Falls, New York/Canada
  • Victoria Falls, Zambia
  • Yosemite Falls, California

Have you experienced the positive effects from negative ions in nature?

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